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November 30, 2022

'Henry VIII and Charles V: Rival Monarchs, Uneasy Allies'

My new book, 'Henry VIII and Charles V: Rival Monarchs, Uneasy Allies' has just been published (February 2023). It provides a fresh look at two monarchs who each ruled for almost forty years at a time of momentous change in society, religion and politics. The impact of their relationship, whether as rivals, enemies or allies, has lasted until the present day in both England and Europe. The duplicitous world of international diplomacy, with dynastic marriages, fine words and broken promises, provides the backdrop to this fascinating story.

Look out on this site for a series of brief weekly blogs about their ever changing relationship. The blogs will investigate how and why firm allies could become bitter enemies, and back again, between the1510s and 1540s.

Richard Heath
Richard Heath
Richard Heath graduated in history from the University of Cambridge and was a history teacher for 35 years. He now enjoys travelling with his wife in their VW camper van, exploring historical sites and appreciating all that Europe has to offer.

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