Emperor Charles V and the Fugger family
November 4, 2018
Lesser known cities in Andalucia – Baeza
November 6, 2018


Mechelen is a wonderful place to start finding out about the life of Emperor Charles V. Lying between Brussels and Antwerp, it is readily accessible and everywhere in the central area is easily walkable. From the main square (Grote Markt) go to Keiserstraat, where you will find the Palace of Margaret of York and the Palace of Margaret of Austria. It was in these two buildings that Charles spent much of his early life - where he was educated, experienced life in the Burgundian court and was introduced to the art of government.

For more details go to the Mechelen page of the website.

Another useful site: Visit Flanders

Richard Heath
Richard Heath
Richard Heath graduated in history from the University of Cambridge and was a history teacher for 35 years. He now enjoys travelling with his wife in their VW camper van, exploring historical sites and appreciating all that Europe has to offer.

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  1. Martha Jones says:

    Question, given the period that Anne Boleyn served as a maid in waiting in the flemish court, and her probable age (young) is it possible that she shared the imperial school room with, if not Charles, some of his siblings, and even possibly was tutored by the future Pope Adrian?

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